php explained

php can be used with Mysql to store and retrieve data but is mostly used to create a dynamic web site content.

php runs on the server rather than the browser and so it dose not display differently in different browsers.

It can be used for creating things like site navigation so that when a new file or folder is uploaded to the server you do not need to alter the code, that is done by the php script.

The images on the 'Sites by us page' are read from a directory and added to the table with the links created by php. So to add another item to the table the correctly named image just has to be saved into the directory and it is added to the table automatically and the link is created.

I have expanded my simple gallery code to include:

Please download it and try it out, let me know what you think.
You will need to copy and paste the code on the next page and save it with a php extension