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Mysql example

2748housing a QV to 1974 collection in Hawid mounts, values QV and KEVII to 1/-, KGV to 10/-, QEII to £1. 900 stamps + 16 booklet panes, all mint. STC £4,500+.1 item£350
2749including 1d black 4 margined on front, 1841 2d on wrapper, Harrison 1960 Europa PP, etc.1 item£68
2750On Scott leaves from 3 margin 1841 1d, Jubilee odds incl 1/- green (folded), KE VII & KGV odds inc photo set, then range of GVI, QEII Wildings, commems, mint & used inc regionals, condition varies.1 item£60
27511881 duplicated 1d 16 dot control W singles, single X control & corner pair X inverted. Single upright ½d vermilion Q controls & H8 and H9 KEVIII, ½d corner control pairs, condition varies.18£40
27521957 - 72 on 23 Hagners, inc many blocks & pairs, odd variety, um. (100s).1 item£36
2753album inc 1d and 2d plates, Jubilee, used then later mint or used inc 1951 Festival set, several Greetings and other complete sets.1 item£36
2754housing 48 pages of used sets, incl greetings, high values, mostly ex FDCs, approx 500 sets.1 item£30
2755carrier bag containing a 1977 - 87 complete collection (less 2 sets). Total of 82 sets. STC £210.1 item£30
2756containing various albums, stockbooks, boxes, packets etc. Good sorter lot.1 item£30
2757selection on Hagner of KEVII ½d control H8 block of 4 + 5 KGV control strips of 3 or 2 & 1 control block of 4 + KGV 2d purporting to be intense bright orange, but it is not, all mint or um.9£26
27581946 to early decimal defins, on 8 Hagners incl many Wildings, some useful wmks, etc um inc blocks.1 item£20
2759with KEVII - KGVI wmk & frame size varieties, flaws & errors & some P. Dues, mint & used.1 item£20
2760containing 40 PPs between late 1960s - late 1970s, mostly commems but with a few regionals.1 item£20
2761containing used decimal Machins in various quantities plus CI and IOM mainly used.2 items£20
2762housing a duplicated selection of KGVI & QEII defins & commems, 1,000s of stamps tidily arranged, all used.1 item£13
2763Sainsbury's carrier bag holding a selection of 30 different sets + some duplication from 1979 - 87 period.1 item£12
2764Xmas to Ghandi Philart stamp cards, all with related cancels + 1969 2/6 to £1 on one card.29 items£12
2765shoebox half full of loose covers, inc First Day, also noted OV period.1 item£10
27669 corner blocks x 6 um with cylinder nos to 20p & 2x GVI covers bearing controls, etc. SG 998.1 item£10
27671970s - 1980s x 12.12 items£10
2768with QV 1d reds, KGV - QEII wmk varieties, Wildings, Castles, Postage Dues, etc, mainly off paper.1 item£10
27691960 to early 1970 with 1/- booklet, 2/- x 13 & 10p x 16, fairly basic, but noted N4 & N4P.30£30
2770box containing several hundred mainly 1970s - 80s period plus CI and IOM, virtually all illustrated with typed addresses. Plus some registered envelopes, aerogrammes etc.1 item£130
2771brown box containing 4 albums of 1935 to 1996 covers (300+) earlier are plain, many special handstamps and few officials noted.1 item£50
27721972 - 88 commems, virtually complete + definitives to £5, etc. About half illustrated Postmarks, these mainly Bureau typed addresses, other unaddressed Peterborough FDI, covers all clean & fine. (160+ covers).3 items£50
2773box containing albums & packets from 1980s - 2003 both commems & defins some with special cancels but mainly Cambridge or Bureau. All typed addresses and being 312 in total.1 item£50
27741967 - 81 collection of 82 definitive FDCs with values to £5 & better.1 item£34
2775plus a few museum, etc, from 1960s to late 1980s. Some of the earlier are hand addressed. Over 200 different, mostly clean & fine.1 item£22
27761978 - 83 20 different mint sets (80).1 item£6
2777CINDERELLA 1916 War Fund in 2 marginal mint strips x 4 with Red Cross order of St John inscriptions.8£10
2778Scottish collection of Ellon & Old Meldrum, Aberdeenshire mid 1700s to early QEII, entires (inc 4 straight line pmks), cards & pieces etc.1 item£40
2779WWII Air letters covers/cards etc, many censored.83*£36
2780Devon Waterways, report on construction of Bridgewater & Taunton canal, most interesting with accounts to 1832. Item printed by Rowe & has Cullumpton undated horseshoe pmk.1 item£36
2781Queen Victoria selection of 16 covers with various frankings + 13 with imperf 1d reds. Noted mourning covers, commercial, wide range of fine strike cancels inc circular & MX.29*£36
2782WWI & WWII packet of Prisoner of War mail covers (some contents)/cards etc + 2 items of literature.24*£30
2783Scottish collection of Sanquhar, Dumfriesshire, pre-stamp to GV on entires, cards & pieces.1 item£30
2784collection of Lake District pmks on covers & pieces, mainly QV - KEVII, inc 1d red pmks 26/11/1852 - last day of recorded use.1 item£28
2785WWII balance of a collection incl covers/cards, memorabilia, aircraft recognition photos etc.1 item£26
2786WWII etc packet of some 38 covers/cards + mounted pieces & memorabilia & forces P.H. postal record.38*£26
2787QV - KEVII postmarks, mainly Bickeridike & Columbia on ppcs, pieces, etc, on 4 Hagners and inc a page of QV killers/dumb cancels.100£20
2788registered covers & pieces/stamps with registered pmks QV - KGV inc KEVII covers to Tasmania & 1937 Coronation cover.1 item£20
2789Scottish P.P.C.s KEVII - KGV 56 used.56*£20
2790WWII F.P.O. covers/cards, incl many Air letters.50*£18
2791various Wars, letters, P.C.s etc, wide range.54*£18
2792Scottish collection of Turriff, Aberdeenshire, pre-stamp to QEII on entires, cards & pieces.1 item£18
2793Scottish for various places beginning with 'K' inc Kilmarnock 1832 No. 3 R.H./Penny post & Kirkcaldy from 1819. Interesting.1 item£18
2794huge quantity of Scottish pmks, mainly 20th century on piece, good range inc Islands noticed.1 item£16
2795OHMS 9 items 1840 - 97 various "paid" marks, etc.9*£14
2796packet of Scottish covers/cards, KEVII - QEII.33*£14
2797Free fronts with famous signatures:- 1822 Lord Dalmerston, 1823 William Pitt as Earl Amherst & 1824 Stanhope - founder of National Portrait Gallery. All written up.3*£14
2798two "paid at Leeds" 1d, different sizes in ovals, on entires.2*£12
2799POSTAGE DUES handstruck & ms marks on entires, covers & fronts, 1 with Portobello penny post.7*£12

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