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NOTE: Most of the IM snippets have been tested on IM version 6.3.5 There may be some differences if you are using the code on other versions.

Apply rounded corners to an image - IM Forum 19/6/2008

Add rounded corners to an image.

  1. <?php  
  2. // Get the dimensions of the original image
  3. $size getimagesize('input.jpg');
  4. // Create a rounded corner mask to overlapp the image
  5. $cmd " -size {$size[0]}x{$size[1]} xc:none -fill white ".
  6. " -draw \"roundRectangle 0,0 {$size[0]},{$size[1]} 15,15\" ".
  7. " input.jpg -compose SrcIn -composite "
  8. exec("convert $cmd output.png"); 
  9. ?>

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