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NOTE: Most of the IM snippets have been tested on IM version 6.3.5 There may be some differences if you are using the code on other versions.

Watermark text and shadow - Anthony 16/6/2008

Adding text to an image with a "shadow"; annotate works better than draw.

  1. <?php  
  2. $cmd "input.jpg -font ../verdana.ttf -pointsize 30 ".
  3. " -gravity north -fill black ".
  4. " -annotate +0+12 \"Copyright of rubblewebs\" ".
  5. " -gravity north -fill white ".
  6. " -annotate +2+11 \"Copyright of rubblewebs\"  ";
  7. exec("convert $cmd output.png"); 
  8. ?> 

For more examples and information check out the main Imagemagick section.

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