Imagemagick operators page: 9

Gaussian blur

Blur the image with a Gaussian operator.

Gaussian blur example
"$input -gaussian-blur 0x4 "
exec("convert $cmd gaussian-blur.jpg");


Geometry sets the coordinates for the modification.

Geometry example
"$input -fill white -pointsize 40".
" -gravity center -geometry +30+30 -annotate +0+0 \"Geometry\" "
exec("convert $cmd geometry.jpg");

( If -gravity is used as well it is in relation to the gravity position otherwise it is from the top left corner. )


Gravity sets the location of the modification.

Gravity example
"$input -gravity north -annotate +0+0 \"North\" "
exec("convert $cmd gravity.jpg");

( Points of the compass are used e.g. North, North west, West etc. )


Convert image to grayscale.

Grayscale example
"$input -grayscale Rec709Luminance ";   
exec("convert $cmd grayscale.jpg"); ?>

Green primary

Green chromaticity primary point.

More information to follow.

( For each color, x+y must be positive and less than 1.0. If you specify one you should specify all six plus the white_point x and y. )

Hald clut

Apply a Hald color lookup table to the image.

Hald clut example
"$input $input5 -hald-clut";
exec("convert $cmd hald_clut.jpg");


Display the help file

-adjoin join images into a single multi-image file
-affine matrix affine transform matrix

( A couple of lines from the help file )

Highlight color

When comparing images, emphasize pixel differences with this color.

More information to follow.

Icon Geometry

Specify the icon geometry.

More information to follow.


Iconic animation

More information to follow.


Identify the format and characteristics of the image.

input.jpg=>-identify JPEG
266x200 266x200+0+0 8-bit DirectClass 16kb

("convert $input -identify ");

( More information can be desplayed by adding -verbose )


Implements the inverse discrete Fourier transform (DFT).

More information to follow.


Make image immutable.

More information to follow.


Implode image pixels about the center.

Implode example
"$input -implode 2 "
exec("convert $cmd implode.jpg");

( Implode greater than 1 is over-kill and implode with a negative number is an 'explode' )