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All other operators ( Quantity of other operators = 277 )

Page 1

Adaptive blur, Adaptive resize, Adaptive sharpen, Adjoin, Affine, Alpha, Annotate, Antialias, Antialias off, Append, Append horizontal, Attenuate, Authenticate, Auto gamma,

Page 2

Auto level, Auto orient, Average, Backdrop, Background, Bench, Bias, Black threshold, Blackpoint compensation, Blend, Blue primary, Blue shift, Blur, Border,

Page 3

Border color, Border width, Brightness contrast, Cache, Caption, CDL, Channel, Charcol, Chop, Clamp, Clip, Clip mask, Clip path, Clone,

Page 4

Clut, Coalesce, Color matrix, Colorize, Colormap, Colors, Colorspace, Combine, Comment, Compare, Complex, Compose, Composite, Compress,

Page 5

Contrast, Contrast stretch, Convolve, Crop, Cycle, Debug, Decipher, Deconstruct, Define, Delay, Delete, Density, Depth, Descend,

Page 6

Deskew, Despeckle, Direction, Displace, Display, Dispose, Dissimilarity threshold, Dissolve, Distort, Distribute cache, Dither, Dither, Draw arc, Duplicate,

Page 7

Edge, Emboss, Encipher, Encoding, Endian, Enhance, Equalize, Evaluate, Evaluate sequence, Extent, Extract, Family, Features, FFT,

Page 8

Fill, Filter, Flatten, Flip, Floodfill, Flop, Font, Foreground, Format, Frame, Function, Fuzz, Fx, Gamma,

Page 9

Gaussian blur, Geometry, Gravity, Grayscale, Green primary, Hald clut, Help, Highlight color, Icon Geometry, Iconic, Identify, IFT, Immutable, Implode,

Page 10

Insert, Intensity, Intent, Interlace, Interline spacing, Interpolate, Interword spacing, Kerning, Label, Lat, Layers, Level, Level colors, Limit,

Page 11

Linear stretch, Linewidth, Liquid rescale, List, Log, Loop, Lowlight color, Magnify, Map, Mask, Mattecolor, Median, Metric, Mode,

Page 12

Modulate, Moments, Monitor, Monochrome, Morph, Morphology, Mosaic, Motion blur, Name, Negate, Noise, Normalize, Opaque, Ordered dither,

Page 13

Orient, Page, Page, Paint, Path, Pause, Perceptible, Ping, Pointsize, Polaroid, Poly, Posterize, Precision, Preview,

Page 14

Print, Process, Profile, Quality, Quantize, Quite, Radial blur, Raise, Raise, Red primary, Regard warnings, Region, Remap, Remote,

Page 15

Render, Repage, Resample, Resize, Respect parenthases, Reverse, Roll, Rotate, Sample, Scale, Scene, Screen, Seed, Segment,

Page 16

Selective blur, Separate, Sepia tone, Set, Shade, Shadow, Shared memory, Sharpen, Shave, Shear, Sigmoidal contrast, Silent, Similarity threshold, Size,

Page 17

Sketch, Snaps, Solarize, Sparse color, Splice, Spread, Stegano, Stereo, Storage type, Stretch, Strip, Stroke, Strokewidth, Style,

Page 18

Swap, Swirl, Taint, Text font, Texture, Threshold, Thumbnail, Tile, Tile offset, Tint, Title, Transform, Transparent, Transparent color,

Page 19

Transparent inverted, Transpose, Transverse, Treedepth, Trim, Type, Undercolor, Unique colors, Units, Unsharp, Update, Verbose, Version, View,

Page 20

Vignette, Virtual pixel, Visual, Watermark, Wave, Weight, White point, White threshold, Window, Window-group, Write,

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