Display the image without saving to a file

With most of my examples I save the output to a file; there may be a time when you do not want to do this but just display the image. You need a slightly different code to do this with php

The code is saved on a page in this case called image.php; then you use the standard image call tags to call the page <img src="image.php">


$cmd "convert $photo -thumbnail 200x200 ".
" -unsharp 0.2x0.6+1.0 -quality 100 JPG:-";

header("Content-type: image/jpeg");


Another method but there must be NO CODE before this code:

("convert ../code/sunflower.jpg -resize 200x200 JPG:-");

Watermark an animated gif "On the fly".

$watermark "output.png";

$cmd "convert $animation -coalesce -gravity Center -geometry +0+0 ".
" null: $watermark -layers composite -layers optimize GIF:-";

header("Content-type: image/gif");