Section modifications/additions

24th February 10 Added sections for compose and layers Link
20th December 09 Film strip effect Link
11th November 09 Added a section showing all the operators Link
24th March 09 Added a windows batch file page Link
11th August 08 Two new watermark examples added
Mask section added to snippets
28th June 08 New Snippets section Link
19th May 08 Avoiding tempory images Link
18th May 08 Some speed tests with Imagick, ImageMagick and GD Link
30th April 08 Some effects adding a texture to an image Link
27th April 08 Show two methods of resizing an image multiple times with one line of code. Link
26th April 08 Added another watermark example using a miff image as well as the Unix "pipe" command.
Various examples and notes rewritten to shorten and avoid temporary images.
16th April 08 Added another method to display the fonts installed Link
14th March 08 What is Imagick? Link
3rd March 08 How to format the code Link
6th January 08 Added some simple distort examples Link
24th December 07 Added some simple draw examples Link
22nd December 07 Added some simple GD examples Link
14th December 07 Added a reflection example with a distortion Link
5th December 07 Added some notes about Shell / Bash script calls Link
26th November 07 Added some notes about printing size Link
21st November 07 An example added watermarking an animated gif Link
16th November 07 An example added with an imagemap effect Link
12th November 07 Some notes on font styling using -draw
Some extra notes in the word wrap section
11th November 07 Added a new example of GD use with php random( ).
Added some notes on how to write IM code.

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