VERY, VERY BASIC instructions to get ImageMagick running under Windows XP, Linux Fedora 6 and Xammp.

These methods worked for me, I so far have only tried out basic resizing with the installations
Please do not send me any emails asking how to setup ImageMagick on your computer etc. as I do not have the time or knowledge to help you out.

If you have some other methods or notes that others may find useful email them to me and I will add them to the list.

You should install Ghostscript first if you want to do anything with pdf files.


  1. Download and run the latest binary release for windows from here.
  2. Prove image magick is running by opening the command prompt and type: convert -version
    This should display the version of ImageMagick installed.
  3. Process images etc. in the comand prompt by: convert input.jpg -thumbnail 100x100 output.jpg
    You will have to get the directory's correct before starting by using the cd.. comand to go back through the directory's and the cd directory name to go to the correct directory.


You may see a "command prompt" box open when the code is run.

  1. Open php.ini and uncomment the line: extension=php_imagick.dll
    ( for other servers on your PC: if you install ImageMagick first you may be able to edit php.ini and add the path to the ImageMagick dll. I presume it will be the full path from the root? Something like c:\program files\ImageMagick\imagick.dll )
  2. Restart apache.
  3. Run this code in your browser to prove it is installed and working.
    ("Content-Type: text/plain"); 
    //system( convert -version ); 
  4. Use the code like this and run it in your browser:
    ("convert input.jpg -thumbnail 100x100 output.jpg");


  1. Download and run the latest binary release for linux from here.
  2. Extract the rpm file to a folder on your PC.
  3. Run the config file in folder from step 2 ( you need to be connected to the internet as some files may need to be downloaded )
  4. Confirm it is working by running in the terminal: convert -version
  5. Run your code like this in the terminal : convert full_path_to_input.jpg -thumbnail 100x100 full_path_to_output.jpg