Free code

Below are some links to code examples you may find useful.

Gallery This code can be used to display the images in a folder.
It works without a database and can use multiple folders and use thumbnails if required.
There is no "back end" code and so the images will need to be resized and uploaded into the folders.
You could use an upload form like this one using ImageMagick to resize the images on upload.
The code is commented and contains instructions.
You will need to rename the file from gallery.txt to gallery.php
Upload This code will upload an image and select certain EXIF data which is set in the program.
The data will be written to a text file and the original image will be resized to a large version and thumbnail version. You can also add a description to the image.

There are 3 files:
upload.php - The upload form
process.php - The code that resizes the images and writes the EXIF data to the text file.
display.php - An example of how to display the images and information

There is also a folder called photos where the resized photos and text file will be saved. You will need to either CHMOD this file to 755 or 777

Different cameras put out slightly different versions of EXIF data and I have tried this with 3 cameras.